12 Surprising Statistics about the Car Wash Industry That are Unbelievable

Published By WashGuys | Aug 4, 2021

The Car wash business is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing and most lucrative in the world today. The car wash industry employs thousands of people in various cities and generates millions of dollars every year. Here are the 12 surprising car wash trends that will shock you.  

Approximately 25% of Car wash Owners Usually Plan Opening a Second Outlet within the Same Year 

It may seem strange in other industries if an owner plans to open a new outlet in just one year. However, things are a little more different in the car wash industry. According to records, about 25% of all car wash business owners always expect to establish the subsequent outlets in a single year. This is an indication that car wash and car-related services are in high demand across the world.  

The Car Wash Sector Has Been Growing Annually 

One of the shocking realities about the car wash business today is the rate at which the industry grows. Car wash statistics reveal that the industry has been experiencing massive growth in terms of the business sizes and the total revenue collected each year. In addition, the past and current trends both indicate a high possibility of continued growth in the years ahead. The growth rate is expected to settle at 3% annually beyond 2023.  

The Industry Comprises Few Large Car Wash Outlets 

Contrary to what you would witness in other sectors dealing with large and small items, the car wash sector is somehow different. For example, large car wash chains form a relatively smaller percentage of the market in the industry. In North America, the value currently stands at below 20%.  

There are considerably many small car wash companies because you can quickly put up one due to the low initial capital needed. In addition, they can survive in most sites which are hardly favorable for the larger outlets.  

There Has Been a Sharp Increase in the Number of Clients Who Prefer Expert Car Wash Services in the Last three decades 

As technology continues to grow, most car manufacturers also continue to apply more technology to their cars. For example, the vehicle you’d have driven in 1994 is entirely different from what you’re likely to come across in the 21st century.  

So, it means that the cars you drive today are more sophisticated. Also, they demand more attention when washing or servicing than those of the past. As a result, most customers like to have professionals work on their cars because they believe it’s the best way to keep up with modern technology. According to reports, the number of clients preferring professional car wash services has grown by at least 45%.  

There’s a Wide Range in the Prices of Car Detailing Services 

The car wash industry is extensive and diverse, which means the industry offers several jobs in different categories. Therefore, you can join the industry at different levels depending on your skills and experience. Some people join high-end companies like washguys car wash while others begin from the lowest positions.  

It’s important to note that diversity makes some car detailing services cost very high and others substantially lower. As a result, the industry exhibits a significantly wide price range of 50 dollars on the lower side and at least 350 on the highest side. 

Car Wash Industry Still Has More Space to Accommodate New Businesses  

For example, Statistics reveal that car wash in Texas has enormous room for accommodating other businesses. This space results from the fact that only a few giant enterprises currently operate in the car wash industry. As a result, there are plenty of opportunities that are still awaiting exploration. Additionally, more car wash guys will likely continue to get into the industry because putting up a car wash outlet requires little capital.  

Each Car Consumes Approximately 38 Gallons of Water during Washing  

The amount of water needed to wash a given car thoroughly is probably one of the most shocking statistics in today’s car wash industry. With about 38 gallons of water used on one car, there’s enough evidence to say that the car wash business consumes water intensively. As a result, it’s a venture that needs a steady supply of clean water to succeed. This is just like the case of agricultural production.  

There’s an Increasing Demand for Mobile Car Detailing Applications 

The number of clients looking for mobile auto detailing and pressure car wash services has increased surprisingly fast. In fact, at least 25% of major car wash companies have recorded tremendous growth rates in the mobile car detailing market. Honestly, this is one of the opportunities in the car wash industry, as revealed in one of the current statistics.   

Car Wash Companies Generally Provide Six Main Types of Services 

Whether already established or upcoming, any given car wash business can offer any or all of the six types of car wash services. These include; full service clean, exterior only clean, hand washing, self-service bay, automated in-bay wash, and detailing services. Depending on one’s experience, some people can handle all the six types of services while others can only do a few.  

Car Dealers Who also Offer Washing Services in the US Make More Money than Those Concentrating Only in Either of the Two 

Based on various research findings, running a car dealership enterprise alongside a washing outlet is more profitable than offering only one of the two services. For example, the Americans operating both the two make an annual income of about $28000, with Maryland having the highest pay rate per hour.  

Most of the Car Wash Outlets Are Situated in Fuelling Stations 

It’s surprising to learn that about 65% of all car wash stations including Dallas car wash outlets are located in the same facilities as gas stations. This kind of arrangement is the most profitable and convenient way of operating car wash stations.  

The Biggest Car Wash Market is found in North America 

According to market studies of 2018 and 2019, the North American region had the highest numbers of cars washed annually. In addition, the study indicated that the car wash full service market in the area would continue to expand drastically in the coming years.  

Final Thought! 

The car wash industry is very diverse and full of opportunities that, if exploited, could improve the lives of many people. North America boasts the most significant market, with many of the washing stations situated in fuelling stations. Also, it’s worth noting that most players in the auto wash industry are small businesses.