5 Reasons Why You Should Choose WashGuys for Your Next Car Wash

Published By WashGuys | Jul 6, 2021

People appreciate a place they can consistently go-to when it comes to their routine tasks —for example, a hair salon. At a hair salon, you usually have a hairdresser who always takes care of you when it’s time to get your hair done. People love familiarity, and that’s why we go to the same place repeatedly, knowing whoever is servicing us will do a good job. 

Car washes fall into the same category. We visit cars washes on a routine basis. And instead of trying out every carwash within a 30-mile radius, it’s a lot more convenient to have that one carwash you can visit again and again.  

If you are new to the North Texas area or looking for a new carwash provider, consider visiting WashGuys. We have a total of seven locations, so we are always close to you. We have six in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and one in Round Rock. We hold ourselves accountable to meet a quality standard to have a long-term relationship with our customers. If you are still skeptical, here are five reasons why customers make us their WashGuys. 

Wide Range of Services – we’ll meet all your car washing needs. 

Most car washes do not have extensive services. They usually have an automatic car wash and a free vacuum service that you do yourself. Here at WashGuys, we provide a wider range of services, and we do all the cleaning for you. We have basic, deluxe, and ultimate versions of our washes to hit our customers’ different price points and needs. 

We also provide a full-service express wash to receive a clean on the interior and exterior parts of your vehicle. Our express full-service washes have a silver, gold, and platinum package. These services are great for those who want detailing to their car but at a quicker and cheaper rate. 

Suppose you are interested in a specific service for your car. In that case, we also provide a single express service, where our team can focus on high-speed buffing, heavy tar removal, or even ventilation system cleaning. 

Lastly, we have our detailing services which give extra attention towards the cleaning of your vehicle. Our detailing services can focus on waxing, interior, seats, and carpets & mats. This service is best for customers who want special attention and care towards a specific area. 

The ranges of services here at WashGuys are endless, providing solutions for every one of your requests. 

Quality – it’s as important to us, as it is to you.  

Washing vehicles require an extraordinary level of attention to detail – and our team holds these qualities. Each team member provides a level of focus that’s hard to find at other car washes. 

We ensure that every part of your car receives extra attention so that you can leave with a freshly washed vehicle that feels like new. To view some of our previous work, check out our Facebook and Instagram, where you can see images of our most recent washes for our customers! 

Affordable – we meet all your price expectations. 

With our range of services, we can serve our customers who have different price expectations. We understand that not everyone wants to spend a lot on cleaning their vehicles – we all hold different priorities. For this reason, we provide various types of cleaning so that there’s always a package that can fit your price expectations. 

For customers looking for a basic cleaning at a lower price range, we provide a car wash service that will take care of just that – the general cleaning of your car. In our basic express service, you can receive an exterior wash through our auto wash tunnel for just $7. Or we can clean both the exterior and interior parts of your vehicle in our full express – silver package for under $20. 

If you are a proud car owner and you want the ultimate care for your vehicle, we offer services that provide exceptional attention to detail so that you are receiving every bang for your buck. If you want a thorough and high-quality cleaning of your car, we invite you to check out our platinum package, where you will receive extreme cleaning on your wheels, exterior, dash, and console for under $30. If you are interested in a specific area like your seats and mats, then we invite you to try our detailing services that start at $49.99. 

Did we mention that we also provide discounts?! If you are active-duty military, first responder, or teacher, we can receive 10% off! Just provide some form of documentation so you can put that discount towards any wash service.

Customer Lounge – you relax, while we work. 

The best part about WashGuys is that we provide a lounge for our customers to relax while we do the work. Like many other car washes, the customers usually go through the auto carwash and vacuum clean the area themselves. Not only is this a lot of work and time-consuming, but you may not even get the thorough carwash that you envisioned! 

Let us professionals handle the work for you while you relax and attend to the other needs in your busy schedule. We provide free Wi-Fi so that you can answer any emails and any other work-related tasks while you get your car cleaned. 

Open 7 Days a Week – available to you at any time. 

We understand that everyone has a different work schedule. Not everyone has the usual Monday to Friday 9-5 work schedule, which is why we make ourselves available to you every day of the week. 

Our hours of operation vary by location, but you can expect us to open everywhere at 8 am and close at 7 pm at the latest on weekends. 

At WashGuys, we put our customers first in everything we do. We know quality and convenience are something that everyone looks for – and we aim to put this in our services. To find the closest WashGuys location to you, check out our locations page. We look forward to your next visit!