6 Helpful Tips to Avoid Common Car wash Damages

Published By WashGuys | Jun 29, 2021

Carwash Damage – More Common Than You Think 

A car is one of your most significant investments, and the last thing you want is to put more money towards it for damage. Unfortunately, carwash damage is more common than you think. After coming out of a carwash, the last thing you want to see is a nick or ding on your freshly washed car. So, to avoid the risk, we will be sharing five helpful tips on preventing car wash damage. 

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Tip #1 Avoid any scratches and chips by doing a soft cloth car wash 

Doing a soft cloth car wash is always best for your car. It prolongs your car’s paint quality and vibrancy. An automatic car wash can lead to color dullness and slight scratches or chips to the paint. As a best practice, try to mix up your car wash routine every 4-6 months. Your car will thank you for the gentle scrub on its exterior. 

Also, take note of the quality of service your local car wash has. During the winter, the spinning bristles can get stiff from salt and grit on the ice roads, ultimately wearing it down and causing damage to your car. Car washes should be replacing their equipment every ten years – and that’s if they keep good maintenance of the equipment. 

At WashGuys, we have the best car wash equipment the industry has to offer. Including a soft cloth car wash system equipped with the finest soaps and wax to keep your car shining. 

Tip #2 Remove water spots by hand  

When going to an automatic car wash, you will most likely have water spots when exiting. The vacuum at the end of the car wash can only do so much drying, and it will probably leave water droplets on the exterior of your car. 

If it is in the middle of the summer, and you’re drying with direct sunlight, you will increase the risk of water spots on your car’s exterior. These water spots are more noticeable on black, dark blue, or any other dark shade of the car. To avoid this, try hand drying your car with a soft washcloth to dry the leftover water droplets. The dry washcloth will prevent water droplets from drying on your vehicle, leaving white spots. You can also use a wax sealant right after your wash to prevent the spots. At WashGuys, we offer an extreme wax service for $18.99 on our ultimate exterior package. 

Tip #3 Check the vacuum tool for jagged edges to avoid ripped carpet repairs 

Before using the vacuum, check for any sharp edges that could snag on the material of your seats and rugs. Car washes should be checking on the quality of their equipment routinely, making sure incidents like this don’t happen to their customers.

Also, try not to use harsh chemicals when washing the interior of your car. Harsh chemicals could weaken the fibers of the material, leaving a rip on your rugs or seats. Leather seats also need protection. Leather seats need a different kind of product that nourishes and protects the material while getting cleaned.

At WashGuys, we hire a team of professionals with excellent attention to detail for this. We excel in creating a great experience for our customers and their cars.

Tip #4: Turn in your side mirrors and windshields before entering the auto car wash 

When going into an auto car wash, always remember to turn in your side mirrors and windshields. If not positioned correctly, you can risk detaching these pieces from your car. And not only that, this could danger those who work in the area. 

Before entering the car wash, pay attention to the workers who are directing at the front. Always follow along with the signs that give directions on what to do before entering the wash. Ensure your side mirrors are closed inwards so that the spinning brushes don’t weaken and detach the mirrors.  And for the windshield wipers, face them down, so they are not damaged either. 

Tip #5: Look for a carwash that lives up to premium car wash standards 

Your car deserves a car wash that meets quality standards. The equipment used on your vehicle should not be rough, dirty, or overused.

Towels and other equipment should feel new in quality. Car paint is very delicate, and using raggedy clothes will only make swirl marks on your car. Microfiber towels have the best material to use on your vehicle because of their soft texture.

For our customers, we routinely replace microfiber towels and other materials on a day-to-day basis. With our great service and materials, we have built long-term relationships with our repeat customers. 

Tip #6: Inspect your car before you leave the car wash  

After your wash, take a minute to check the car before you leave. You will probably not find anything suspicious, but immediately contact an employee or supervisor to let them know of the damage if there is an issue. Waiting till you get home will only make it harder to prove to the establishment that the car wash caused the damage. 

Before visiting a new car wash, do your research by checking the reviews. This will give you an idea of the quality of service the carwash provides. See if the car wash can meet your standards before they start working on your car. 

Our Drive & Shine members are essential to us. So, we do our best to give quality service.

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