7 Car Detailing Myths You Should Stop Believing Right Now

Published By admin | Sep 10, 2021

Do you know someone who is an absolute car detailing fanatic? Whether they’re professional detailers or not, they likely have all sorts of advice to offer. And because the world of cars and car care has changed so much over the years, there are tons of myths floating around out there about what can be done and how best to do it. But first, before venturing out to identify the myths and debunking them, you need to understand what auto car detailing is. 

Car Detailing: What Is It? 

Professional car detailing involves specialized cleaning and restoring your auto to brilliant conditions. It is a labor-intensive and precise service compared to an ordinary auto car wash. An expert detailer does a proficient car detailing service. They do this using high-end quality products and techniques. 

When it is that time to take your car for a wash, several questions may arise on the best car detailing Dallas has to offer. Unfortunately, many industry myths may lead to making your automobile look bland. Thus, begin by identifying these seven misconceptions and find out the reality behind them. 

  1. Any Cloth Is the Right Cloth

The web is rife with assertions, myths in this case, that an old t-shirt, bath towels, and paper towels don’t scratch your car. That cannot be further from the truth, and you better be warned. 

Your car detailer must apply a wash mitt or microfiber cloth as they clean your auto. Often you might only check if the cloth is clean or super smooth. However, a cleaner makes scratches on the car surface unless they use chamois or terry fiber. 

  1. Car Detailers Harm the Environment and Waste Water

If you wash your car at home, you will likely use nine times more water than a proficient car detailer. That is because the pros reclaim, purify, and reuse 75% of the water they use. 

Proficient auto detailing firms have state-of-the-art water reclaiming systems. These systems cleanse contaminants from the water they use. As a result, a final car rinse leaves your auto spot-free and shiny. 

Again, a professional car detailer applies environment-friendly and biodegradable vehicle cleaning chemicals. Environment supervision government agencies insist on this as part of their annual licensing, debunking one of the most common cars detailing myths. 

  1. A Car Wash Can Wax Your Car

Giving your car a shine resembles the beauty-product industry. If you visit the shelves of car part stores, you will notice specific products to protect and shine glass, paint, vinyl, and rubber. There is also talk of space-age ingredients and exotic waxes. 

Remember that any magic must not do any harm to your car’s vinyl trimming or rubber. It must not smear your auto glass windows too. It also must protect your car paint and be non-toxic enough that inhaling the mist is safe. 

Therefore, it is not worth dishing out more money to have your car waxed at a car wash. Instead, the professionals at a car detail know what to apply to every part of your auto to give it that long-lasting shiny look. 

  1. You Cannot Clean Your Electric Car In at a Car Detailer.

When you think of water and electricity, danger comes to your mind. The reality, however, is that an automatic car detail is safe. Nothing in your car’s electric system will get damaged, motor, batteries, or electric system. 

So, if you own an electric automobile, you won’t have to make any special preparations. Treat the detailing appointment like you would any other vehicle. 

  1. A Rain Wash Equals a Car Wash

Exposing your car by leaving it in the rain is not a natural or free car wash. That is a myth. The contrary is true with the effects giving you the opposite results. Rainwater is rarely clean water because it can be acidic, particularly in high-traffic areas like cities. Acidic rain damages your car as time goes by. 

Again rainwater contains grime, bugs or pieces of bugs, and various other substances collected on the road. Should your car get caught in the rain, prudence demands that you start thinking in terms of the best car detailing near me. 

  1. You Do Not Need a Periodical Car Wash

Which is your car wash routine? Do you have it washed regularly? 

Do you wash your auto when someone tells you how mucky it looks or when you notice muck on it? 

A regular and thorough car wash routine is critical to the maintenance and sale value of your car. However, you may notice mud and muck on your car’s exterior but fail to see these on the mud flaps, exhaust, or underparts. 

Again, you cannot find out what is going on in your car’s paint by just looking. After a car wash, rub the face of your hand upon the surface. If done right, the surface needs to feel like glass. A feeling like sandpaper means there are contaminants. Professional detailing removes these contaminants, which is essential before a wax or polish application. 

Furthermore, other critical parts of your car need a regular and thorough cleaning besides your car’s exterior. 

  1. You Remove Swirl Marks With Waxing

Swirl marks on your auto are scratches on the surface. To remove them, you need to get to their bottom. Furthermore, modern paint finishing magnifies such scratches. This creates a more troubling aspect of maintaining your vehicle’s finishing. 

To get rid of swirl marks, start with determining how deep a scratch is. An abrasive paint cleaner takes care of micro-fine scratches. Serious deeper swirl marks call for color buffing and sanding at a detailing car wash. 

You also need to understand the difference between waxing and polishing. Waxing goes ahead to create protection for your car finishing by giving it a coat of silicones, resins, wax polymers, and other best car detailing products. 

The result is that waxing does not make your dull surface any shiny. Polishing, on the other hand, leads to a high gloss brilliant surface. 

In a Nutshell 

You might be surprised to find out that some of the more common car detailing myths are not true. In fact, you may have been carrying around and using these misconceptions without even realizing it! Once you learn about what a professional car detailer can do for your vehicle, you’ll never go back to doing it yourself again.