A Deeper Look at Auto Detailing & Why Your Car Needs It

Published By admin | Sep 13, 2021

Taking care of your car and keeping it in good shape can be a big challenge at times. There’s a lot to stay on top of, from cleaning to tyre changes to oil and transmission fluids and everything else. Maybe that’s why so many people overlook one of the most important maintenance steps of all: auto detailing. 

It might not seem like the most important aspect of car maintenance, but there’s much more to it than you might imagine. We will talk more about it today and why your car would benefit from it, so read on now. 

What is Auto Detailing? 

When people hear the phrase auto detailing, they might think of intricate paintwork and modifications. But that’s not what it means, and it’s certainly not what we’re talking about today. In its simplest form, it simply means cleaning a car comprehensively, inside and out. 

It’s about doing what’s possible to ensure the car looks the part while also doing everything necessary to ensure it performs well. It’s an essential part of your car’s regular maintenance, as well as being about making it look great too. Those two things are brought together in the auto detailing process. 

What Does the Detailing Process Include 

There are several different stages that you have to go through when carrying out the detailing process. Each professional auto detailer will have their own way of doing things. But generally speaking, there’s a range of steps you can expect to be carried out when using these services. 

There are two main categories involved in the auto detailing process: interior detailing and exterior detailing. Both of these are important and for different reasons. And we’re going to take a closer look at what they generally involve. 

The Exterior Detailing Process 

The exterior detailing of the car matters for various reasons. First of all, people see this when they look at the car for the first time, so you no doubt want the first impressions to be positive ones. The exterior also needs to be kept clean and in good condition to ensure optimal performance too. 

It starts with a straightforward wash and dry process. After that, clay, polish and seal can be applied to the exterior of the car. This results in a car that looks clean and has its shine locked in. The car’s underside will also be cleaned to ensure rust is kept at bay and drainage is smooth and unobstructed. 

The Interior Detailing Process 

We all spend a lot of time inside our cars, so it’s maybe no surprise that so much dirt, junk, and dust can end up clinging to the various services and all the nooks and crannies in the car’s exterior. If you don’t take the time to clean it regularly, it can become pretty messy, pretty fast. 

Stuff like vacuuming, brushing, and shampooing can be taken care of during the interior detailing process. Wiping down the dashboard and other surfaces can then take place before a second round of vacuuming to pick up any other bits of dirt and debris that might have been disturbed during the wipe down. Finally, the interior can be deodorized to create a pleasant odor. 

Why Your Car Needs Auto Detailing 

Now we know about auto detailing and what it is, it’s time to consider the benefits of auto detailing and why you should use a professional auto detailing service. So read on to find out all about that. 

  • Health Benefits for You 

When you allow the inside of your car to get dirty, all kinds of germs and allergens can build up in there. That’s definitely not what you want to happen, especially when you’re spending a significant amount of time inside your car each day. 

Your health can benefit each day. That means having your car cleaned comprehensively inside and out. When the cleaning process is done, those germs won’t be circulating and causing you little health problems every time you use the car. 

  •  Boost Your Car’s Resale Value 

When the time eventually comes for you to sell your car, it’ll be far easier for you to do so if the inside and outside of the car are both 100% clean. No one wants to buy a dirty and messy car, even if there’s nothing else wrong with it below the surface. 

You might also be able to get a little more money for your car when you sell it in this kind of condition. Buyers will use whatever fault they can to get some money knocked off the buy price. And it’ll be much easier for them to do that if the car seems like it’s in a terrible state.  

  • A Better Professional Image 

If you’re using your car for business and you’re picking up clients in it, it’s even more important that it always remains in great condition. You don’t want your car to end up becoming a drag on your professional image. 

That’s certainly what can happen if you’re not careful, though. Your professional image will be far stronger if you have a car that looks the part and that people can tell you’ve made an effort to look after. These are the things that people tend to notice a pick-up on. 

  • It’s More Than Worth Your Time 

Having your car properly cleaned via a professional auto detailing service is certainly worth your time, and it’s worth the costs involved as well. If you want to experience each of the benefits that we’ve discussed above, you should find an auto detailing service to make the most of today. You won’t regret doing so. 

With all of that in mind, it’s time for you to think about making use of a car detailing service if you’re yet to do so. You’ll be able to harness all of the benefits discussed above, and that can only be a good thing for your vehicle from now on.