How to Clean Your Car’s Interior

Published By admin | Oct 12, 2021

Top tips for cleaning your car’s interior.

Professional car cleaning isn’t just about producing a sparkling exterior. Cleaning the interior of the vehicle plays an integral role in keeping your car clean and tidy. If you’re thinking about booking a car wash full service, or you’re keen to hone your DIY washing skills at home, this guide is packed with top tips to help you maintain a clean car.  

Before you begin

Before you start cleaning your car’s interior, it’s always beneficial to take a look inside the cabin and throw away any drinks cartons, food wrappers, and anything else that belongs in the trash. Cover every inch of the interior and then take out anything you won’t need during the interior clean. You can put books, CDs, and clothes back in the car once the vehicle is spick and span.

How to clean your car’s interior: a step-by-step guide

Whether you commute to work daily, you run the kids around in the car, or your vehicle has been sitting on the driveway for the last few months as a result of the pandemic, it’s beneficial to keep your vehicle clean. A clean car doesn’t just look great on the outside. It should also be fresh and free from clutter and debris on the inside. Car wash statistics indicate that the average US driver has their car washed thirteen times per year, but it’s entirely up to you how frequently you want to clean your car (source). If you’re preparing to tackle the job at home, here is a simple step-by-step guide:

  • Cleaning the seats and carpets

Many of us are familiar with the sight of crumbs and stains on seats and marks on the carpets inside the footwells. If your carpets have seen better days or your seats look tired or dirty, the first job is to vacuum the vehicle and eliminate dust, dirt, and debris. Once you have cleaned the car, arm yourself with a cloth and gently wipe the upholstery using soapy water. You can also use a steam cleaner to lift stains and marks.

Always take care not to drench the seats when you are cleaning your car’s interior. If the seats are damp, you may notice an unpleasant, musty odor, and you might attract mold.  

  • Cleaning leather or vinyl seats 

If your car has leather seats or vinyl interior detail, it’s essential to approach cleaning your vehicle’s interior with care. Leather has a protective coating, and it’s best to use a very gentle solution of soap and water to remove dirt and enhance the visual appeal of the surface. Once you’ve cleaned the seats, use a leather conditioner to protect the material and prevent damage.

When dealing with leather or vinyl, take care not to use any cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals, such as bleach and hydrogen peroxide. It’s also beneficial to steer clear of commercial sprays, creating a glare when used on the dashboard.  

  • Cleaning hard surfaces 

When cleaning the hard surfaces in your car, it’s usually safe to utilize alcohol-based solutions. You can use a cloth or a paintbrush to apply the answer or an old toothbrush to tackle small areas and crevices that are difficult to reach for a thorough interior clean. Materials and brushes are preferable to kitchen rolls and tissues, which can leave a trail behind them.  

  • Polishing the windshield 

This step of the process is crucial for safety reasons, and it will also help improve the aesthetic of your car. Clean windshields enhance visibility and enable you to see even on a bright or dull day. When polishing the windscreen, it’s a good idea to wear two clothes. Use the first cloth, preferably a soft product such as a chamois, to apply your glass cleaning product. To prevent streaks, use the second cloth to wipe the surface after cleaning.

Glass cleaning products are not suitable for cleaning the seats and upholstery, so take care when spraying and make sure you avoid plush surfaces.  

  • Infotainment systems and display screens

Many modern cars have interactive display screens and infotainment systems. When you touch screens to issue commands or make selections, the surface can become sticky and dirty. If your screen is covered in fingerprints or it’s tacky to touch, you can use a soft cloth and isopropyl alcohol to wipe the surface clean. Don’t use the same products as you would for the windshield or any other glass surfaces, as this can damage the protective coatings used to prevent glare and fingerprints on the screen.  

Expert car wash services

It is possible to follow these steps and clean your car’s interior at home. Still, there are alternatives if you are short on time, want to achieve a professional finish, or are heavily stained or marked by the interior of your vehicle. Expert car interior cleaning services are designed to offer a seamless, simple, quick solution for drivers keen to head off on their next journey with a beautifully clean, fresh cabin. Professional car cleaning companies like Washguys Car Wash offer premium interior cleaning services capable of tackling stubborn stains and eliminating stale odors. A car wash full service includes interior cleaning and an undercarriage wash for a sparkling clean finish.

If you’re looking for a car wash in Texas or need help with getting the interior of your car clean, investing in cleaning car service from experienced car wash guys is a great idea. You can reap the rewards of driving a spotless, sparkling vehicle without any hassle or stress.  


We often conjure up images of glossy paintwork and trunks and hoods so shiny you can see your reflection in them when talking about expert car washing services. While polishing and cleaning the exterior of a car is hugely beneficial for drivers, it’s also essential to keep your car’s interior clean. Seats, carpets, screens, and windshields can collect dust and dirt over time, and it can be difficult to avoid stains and marks. Following these simple tips will enable you to keep your car interior in pristine condition.