How to Make My Car Interior Look Like Luxury Car’s Interior?

Published By admin | Nov 16, 2021

You have redecorated your home in the latest colors and updated your kitchen with the latest technology. You have turned your backyard into an oasis with a hot tub, a fire pit, and a vegetable plot. What now? Obviously, the only interior left to you is your car. How about changing up your car’s interior details and turning it into a luxury mobile pad? You may not be able to pimp your saloon to the level of the Spyker C8 Aileron with its cabin inspired by 1950s fighter jets. The interior of the  Rolls-Royce Phantom with 1 536  fiber optic stars shining through a perforated leather roof may also be a step too far. Still, there is a lot that you can do easily and on a budget.

Deep clean your car

So what does a genuinely luxurious car interior look like? It looks and smells very clean. Do you remember how your car smelt when you bought it from the dealer? It needs to smell like that, but ALL the time. Putting your vehicle through a car wash occasionally and giving the carpet a quick vacuum isn’t going to achieve the level of shine and freshness you are looking for here.  You will need a professional car cleaning service to give your car interior a really deep clean. All the chrome should be shining, the windows sparkling inside and out, and the plastic cleared of all streaks. The carpets and mats should be removed and cleaned. From the moment that the deep clean finishes, you must commit to absolute zero tolerance on sweet wrappers, used tissues, and empty water bottles being discarded in your car. It would be best if you never ate or drank anything in your car again, but that is probably unrealistic. Just be sure to have wipes available to clean up spills as soon as they occur.

Upgrade your Sound System

All cars are fitted with a sound system of sorts, but most are pretty basic. On long journeys, poor audio quality and a jingling noise as your speakers rattle at high volume can become annoying. To get the sound of money, why not upgrade to a system that will give you smooth sounds and look the part with touch screen controls. You should look out for digital sound enhancement technology for great sound and smartphone connectivity for convenience. You should be able to use the system for satellite navigation too. If you invest in a model with independent AV for back seat passengers. They will be able to listen to their own music on headphones while you choose yours for the front of the car. Fancy eh?

Invest in DVD Technology

All the best quality cars have DVDs for the back seat passengers to watch during the journey. Since you, the driver, won’t be able to watch,  are they worth it? An in-car DVD player will undoubtedly make your car look luxurious. Although it won’t benefit you directly, it will make journeys quieter and calmer. Back seat passengers will be distracted and ask fewer repetitive questions, for example, ”Are we nearly there yet?”. Your journey may be more harmonious as younger passengers will be watching their favorite film rather than squabbling and fighting. You can buy a portable DVD player that will fit over the seats. Still, it would be better for true luxury to get one factory fitted if your model allows.

Replace your mats and carpets

Nothing says ”I am a neglected car” quicker than stained and torn floor mats and carpets. They can be a hazard, too, as the driver can get their feet tangled in a ripped mat impeding the pedals. Buying a new set of mats won’t cost the earth and will make a significant difference. If you find that the carpet of your car still looks worse for wear after a thorough interior cleaning, then you could invest in a new one.

Change Your Steering Wheel Cover

High specification cars always have great steering wheels, perhaps leather with contrast stitching. The ideal is a wheel that looks stylish but is also easy and comfortable to grip. It is possible to buy aftermarket steering wheels that a professional can fit into any car with an adapter, but this can be costly. If you choose to go down this route, you must be sure that the installer knows what they are doing and that you are not breaking any safety regulations. Installing a completely new wheel may mean removing the airbag, which could be in contravention of regulations in some jurisdictions. It is quicker and cheaper to simply smarten up your current steering wheel with a new cover. You could go for a classy look in buttery leather or a jazzy glow-in-the-dark variety.

Buy New Seat Covers

Cars themselves are built to last and survive the elements, but seat covers are not so durable. Over years of use, they get scuffed and stained. Exposure to sunlight can make leather seats crack. If you have kids and/or animals, then your car seats could be hiding all sorts of horrors. After having them deep cleaned, you could refresh the look of your seats by buying new covers. These are available in a wide range of colors and fabrics, including leather. They could make your seats comfier too. How about adding some new seat pockets? A tidy car has places to put stuff, so it’s not as tempting to leave clutter on the seats or floor. Roomy seat pockets will be a good step towards maintaining the level of luxurious tidiness that you are aiming for now. While you are sorting out the fine details, how about some new sun visor covers. These can get stained and worn as you push them up and down, so replacing them in a tasteful color to match your new seat covers will streamline your look.

Install A Mini Fridge

Of course, all self-respecting millionaires have chilled champagne in the back of their limousines. Beer may be more your style, but there is no need for it to be getting warm in a grocery store bag on the back seat of your car. Most models are pretty tiny. You won’t fit your weekly shop in there, but it could provide you with cold drinks on a long hot journey.  Fridges are often powered by the car cigarette lighter, but some models can be powered by a solar panel on your roof.