The Ultimate Guide to Car Detailing

Published By WashGuys | Jun 17, 2021

We’ve all seen those cars on the road that look like they’ve just left the showroom. Cars in parking lots that look so clean you’re afraid to breathe near them. Cars that look like they’re never getting old. These are cars that received a professional car detailing service.

And if you see these types of cars in Dallas, they probably stopped by WashGuys for professional car detailing.

Suppose you’re new to the world of car detailing, welcome. This is the ultimate beginner’s guide to what you can expect from a professional auto car detailing service in Dallas.

Best Exterior Car Detailing Services

Exterior auto detailing is usually the first thing people notice, making it one of the most popular detailing services. A car wash is like showering your vehicle. Detailing is like a spa day that exfoliates, moisturizes, and protects the skin of your vehicle.

The First Rinse

The first step in the process is to rinse off all the dirt and grime that gets on your vehicle just from being on the road. After the colder months, there’s usually much dirt and chemicals released from roads, thanks to salt and antifreeze agents. In warmer months, it’s common to find pollen, bugs, tree sap, and other environmental pollutants all over the vehicle.

These pollutants can find their way into places of your vehicle that are difficult to reach with a regular car wash and sometimes get caked on by the heat of the sun, which means they need to be removed carefully so as not to damage the paint of your vehicle. We use a special foam to accomplish this so that it penetrates the dirt but not the paint or ceramic coating if you had one applied previously.

Once the dirt is loosened, it’s time for a rinse-off. You want to use a pressure washer for this to give yourself more power than a garden hose, but you don’t want to spray too close to the vehicle, or you might start to irritate the paint or prematurely remove any wax coating you might have applied. An experienced car technician will know how to spray properly.

Depending on what needs to be cleaned off and where, you might see your car wash technicians using sponges, brushes, and most notably, a clay bar.

Clay Bar Your Car

Clay bars are time-intensive, tedious, but by far one of the best methods of cleaning your vehicle without damaging its paint. You can think of clay baring your vehicle as exfoliating it–and these bars are used to remove the toughest stains from things like tar, sap, or rail dust.

It’s not impossible to clay bar your own car, but it takes a lot of work, and it’s easy to make a mistake–that’s why most people leave auto detailing to professionals.

One of the biggest mistakes amateurs make is using contaminated clay bars–if you drop it on the ground or use it on another vehicle, you may be rubbing dirt and chemicals in rather than off.

It’s also common for amateurs to forget to use proper lubrication with clay bars–some don’t use any lubrication at all, which leads to a frustrating and ineffective car detailing experience.

Professional car detailers at WashGuys will know to use clay bars with lubricants that are compatible with the bar and your vehicle’s paint so that you can get the desired effect.

The Polish and Wax

Polishing your car helps take care of any minor dings and dents by smoothing out any imperfections. This also brings out the luster in your car’s paint. The best tool for the job is a professional-grade electric car polisher, which will get the job done quickly and flawlessly in the hands of a trained professional.

Once your car is polished, it’s time to lock in the look with car wax. As a good rule of thumb, it’s best to get your car waxed four times a year or once for every season. You can also get a ceramic coating, which is like a more permanent and durable wax. Learn more about both car waxes and ceramic coating here.

Tires and Wheels

Without proper attention, tires and wheels usually develop black spots from tar and other road contaminants. They can also be dull and brown over time, but they’ll look stark and shiny and last longer with proper care.

The biggest mistake DIY detailers make with tires and wheels is using the same soap for the car body for the wheels. Tires are a completely different material and need different tools to clean properly! You’ll see our technicians at WashGuys using special tire brushes as well as tire and wheel cleaners to get you rolling back on the road with nice-looking wheels.

Interior Detailing

It’s important not to overlook interior detailing for several reasons: chief among them is your safety and comfort.

It goes without saying that a nice car interior makes a good impression on any passengers who set foot in your vehicle. Still, even if you’re the only one who ever gets inside your car, we don’t want all kinds of bugs, bacteria, and allergens to be riding with you!

Vacuuming your car 2-3 times a month is a great habit for keeping your car basically clean. Still, interior detailing takes things a step further by shampooing your carpets, getting into all the nooks and crannies where insects manage to hide and maintaining the health of your vinyl and leather so that your vehicle is always in tip-top shape.

Here’s the counterintuitive mistake that amateurs make when they try to tackle interior detailing: overdressing. This means when you apply too many protectants to the vinyl or leather on your seats and dash. These materials only absorb so much of the applicants, and the leftover actually attracts more dirt and grime to the surface!

Diligent Detailing, New Car Driving Experience

Extra cleanings or auto detailings won’t harm your vehicle, but they can make you come back for cleaning more often than you need. That said, it’s not uncommon to need frequent cleanings, especially if you drive on rough terrain, have pets, kids, or have a busy life. And some people like to feel like they’re always in a new car. That’s why we created the WashGuys Unlimited club. For a fixed monthly fee, you can bring your car in for a cleaning or detailing as many times as you need.

WashGuys designs an auto detailing service package to suit your needs, vehicle, and lifestyle. We’re proud to serve the Dallas area community, and our doors are always open to neighbors and visitors alike. Feel free to stop by one of our locations for professional car detailing whenever you’re in town!