Undercarriage Washes And Rust Prevention

Published By admin | Oct 5, 2021

Your car is your pride and joy, your baby. You might have even given that 200 horsepower beast a nickname and made sure that she always sparkles and shines. However, having a clean car might not be enough if you never thought about including an undercarriage wash. Going to the dentist is recommended twice a year. Experts advise that you must wash your undercarriage at least once a season. That is four times a year. But why is it so important?


Rust is reddish-brown. It is caused when metal and oxygen meet water. And unfortunately, your baby is made out of metal, making it a magnet to rust. Having a slight color variation might not seem like a big problem, but rust can do more than be an eyesore.  

It eats away at the metal, making your car unsafe because the whole structure is made out of metal. Not only does it corrode away at the body, but also the chassis too. As a result, rust can spread, making what seems like a minor problem into a significant health hazard. Although there is a level of rust prevention due to the car paint on the body, chips and scratches can expose the metal under the paint. Environmental elements can be the trigger for your rust problems. For example, you are driving through the snow during a rainy day or leaving the car under the tree where it’s open season for bird dropping. Even driving off-road to enjoy your 4×4 features in your vehicle can cause stones to chip away at your paint, and the bushes at the side can leave scrape marks. All the exposed metal is the perfect starting point for rust.

Rust Prevention Tips for Your Car

These tips will not work if the rust is already spreading and you already see weakening in the metal due to the rust. Just like in sports, the best defense is a good offense, so the best way to prevent rust is to stop it from happening.

Detect It Before It Spreads 

There are many nooks and crannies, which are prime spots for rust to start. It is a good idea to check those spots regularly. Once you see some paint bubbling, you know that your rust problem is on the horizon. Places where you can restrict, are: 

the wheel wells and bumpers – top tip, add the wheel wells and bumper to your checklist whenever you rotate your tires. Your car is already on a lift, so checking these areas will be much easier. 

  • The leaky trunk or trunk bed – water is one of the three main ingredients to make rust. Checking places that are prone to hold water and drying or draining those areas will prevent rusting. 
  • The undercarriage – if you ride in the snow, through puddles, on dirt roads, which part of your car do you think takes the most battering?   
  • Door frame, around the trunk, and where the fender meets the hood – any place where metal components meet and might cause rubbing. Why rubbing? Over time it will rub off the paint, which will be a hotspot for rust.

Anti-rust Spray 

If you spot a small rust area, don’t shrug your shoulders, thinking it is not that big of a deal. Instead, act quickly to prevent it from spreading, which will cost you more in the end to fix. First, clean that area, make sure that there is no dirt, and then dry. You must be 100% positive that there is no more moisture left in the place before applying the anti-rust spray. Spraying anti-rust spray will protect that area for up to one year.

Car wash 

A dirty car will not cause rust, but it can cause your paint to start chipping. The same can be said for acidic bird dropping. The acid in it will eat through your paint if left on too long. The best way to ensure that your baby gets the proper care is to get an expert car wash done. According to car wash statistics, it is best to have your car washed every second week. More if you’re prone to drive on dirt roads. In the wintertime and the streets are full of snow, car wash trends dictate that you should wash your car every week to ensure that the rock salt is entirely off. 

Undercarriage Washes  

If you use your pick-up to launch your speed boat in the sea, the saltwater is a conductor for rust. The same applies if you drive your car in the snow. Even though you do clean the outside of your vehicle, your undercarriage is the part that takes the worst punches when doing those activities. Therefore, high-pressure cleaning tools are used when a professional car cleaning is done. These tools ensure that all the pesky and hard-to-find rock salt and dirt get cleaned out.

Clean car interior 

Even though the most common place to find rust is on the car’s exterior, the interior also plays a significant role. If your interior is wet, it can leak through to the exterior and cause it to become wet too. Adding interior detailing to your car wash service will give you not only that new clean car interior feeling. It will also put your mind at ease knowing that professionals ensure that your car is rust-resistant by doing the interior detail.

There are many places in the country which have both beaches and snow in the winter. If you do live in these areas, make sure that you take extra care of your undercarriage. If you go to a car wash in texas (that has both the coastline and snow) and want to use their services like the car wash guys or wash guys car wash, make sure that you check the reviews first to ensure that you have a good experience. Next time if you want a clean car, instead go for the car wash full service. These cleaning car services include car interior cleaning and undercarriage washes—Rust prevention at its finest.